AFP - azienda di formazione professionale

AFP - Work



AFP has three branches for Employment Services accredited by the Piedmont Region (Numero Certificato 0007/F2).

The regional accreditation for Employment Services has its normative reference in art. 21, law 34/2008.

It is a FREE SERVICE TO CITIZENS of information and acceptance within which you can
•    receive information on training and job opportunities
•    consult useful information for orientation in the labour market
•    use an online facility for self-consultation assisted by one of our operators to search for job and
     training opportunities.

Thanks to funded projects, citizens will be able to take advantage of specialised services such as:
•    Professional orientation for the creation of a personalised pathway aimed at actively promoting insertion or reintegration into the world of work
•    Assistance in finding a job and support for job placement through training, apprenticeships, internships etc.
•    A job supply and demand meeting to support and facilitate insertion into the company, offering an effective response both to users' need for job placement and to companies' professional needs.

SERVICES are also provided to EMPLOYERS aimed at providing advice and support regarding needs related to training, insertion and management of human resources and the pre-selection and selection of professional profiles.

AFP operates through regional measures and communications.

Agencies for Information and Welcome

Sportello di Dronero
Centro di Dronero
Via Meucci, 2
12025 Dronero (CN)
telephone number: 0171/918027
e-mail: saldr@afpdronero.it
Office hours
at the counter:
Tuesday 08,30 - 12,30
Wednesday and Thursday 09,00 - 12,00

by appointment:
Monday 08,00 - 12,00
Wednesday and Thursday 09,00 - 12,00

Sportello di Verzuolo
Centro di Verzuolo
Via Don Orione, 41
12039 Verzuolo (CN)
telephone number: 0175/86471
e-mail: salve@afpdronero.it

Office hours
at the counter:
Wednesday 12,30 - 16,30
Thursday 08,00 - 12,00
Friday 08,00 - 10,00

by appointment:
Monday 12,30 - 16,30
Tuesday 09,00 - 13,00
Wednesday 08,00 - 10,00

Sportello di Cuneo
Centro di Cuneo
Via Tiziano Vecellio, 8/C
12100 Cuneo (CN)
telephone number: 0171/693760
e-mail: salcn@afpdronero.it

Office hours
at the counter:

Tuesday 08,00 - 12,30
Wednesday and Thursday 09,00 - 12,00

by appointment:

Monday 08,00 - 12,00
Wednesday and Thursday 09,00 - 12,00