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AFP - Business and Territory

Grow your employees and your company professionally

Personalized training, designed for the needs of employees is the key to the success of any company.

We can offer you fully funded or free market solutions.

AFP makes available, for each course, qualified teachers with years of experience in professional training.
Our Business and Territory office is structured to ensure the management of on-the-job training in all its specifications, responding to the requests and needs of the different working sectors.

Courses could be private or financed by interprofessional funds: Fondimpresa, Fondartigianato, Fonder, Fon. Coop, Formatemp.

AFP supports the companies throughout the process: design, presentation, delivery and technical-administrative support.

We provide "tailored" solutions to ensure continuos innovation of your processes.

Our training courses:

  • Safety (base workers training D.Lgs. 81/08, RSPP, RLS, Fire fighting, First aid, Forklifts, PES/PAV, PLE, HACCP, exc…)
  • Languages (Marketing, Technical, Commercial English and French languages)
  • Technology (Pneumatica, CAD Technologies, CNC and MU Programming, PLC, Robotics, Logistics, Programming languages, Home Automation, exc…)
  • Industry 4.0 (Digital twin, Cyber-security, Predictive diagnostics, Energy management, Data analytics, Cloud, IOT, ecc….)
  • Quality (Techniques and tools for quality and improvements of the company internal processes)
  • Management training (Teamwork, Interpersonal communication, Public Speaking, Time management, Problem-solving and Decision-making, exc…)

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Massimo Gianti

Paola Rigoni

Tel. 0171/912067

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