AFP - azienda di formazione professionale

AFP - Educative and Formative offer

AFP purpose is institutional guidance, education, professional updating, research, experimentation, services to work, promotion of personal improvement and of the local area with a special focus on development and technological and methodological innovation. In this way AFP is still in line with the original ideas on education of its founder Don Michele Rossa (better known as Maira Valley’s Don Bosco) and also in line with the socio-cultural changes in our society

AFP is based on three main ideas: people, territory and innovation


Our educational project, based on Christian values, looks at people in their entirety and sees them as active and responsible members of the society they live in. The personal background each one of us has is not just taken into account, but it becomes the starting point to plan a career. Jobs are regarded as a way to express ourselves and also a way to find a place in society or even regain it. Professionalism is therefore regarded as a “personal growth”, a way people have to express themselves, their personalities and the way they socialize. Our educational project involves all the social systems people belong to: families, work, society, group of belonging. What makes our educational and training project unique is personalization and in specific open formative and training actions and ways of teaching with the aim to enhance experiences and emotions of every single student. People are regarded as resources that can bring elements which, if properly nurtured and nurished can turn into ways people have to express themselves both personally and professionally. Relationships in AFP are based on dialogues, interactions and trust. It is vital to regard ourselves – all of us whether students, teachers or tutors - as part of a unique body thus developing a feeling of belonging, cooperation and work to the best of our abilities. Responsibility, passion, enthusiasm, sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, positive thinking, educational success are all elements that distinguish our way of working and living our educational project.


AFP is one of the main protagonists on an area where several other educational and training centers work and with them we cooperate, create a network of experiences and knowledge which lead to enriching relationships.

Families, Schools, Municipalities, Companies, Churches, Associations of volunteers all interact with AFP and they all see in AFP a landmark and beacon in our territory; vocational training goal is meeting the needs, in terms of improvement, of knowledge and skills, of our economic and social reality constantly developing and evolving.

The educational and training courses AFP delivers are strictly connected with the local areas AFP belongs to and works in and they also represent a way to create employment and economical growth within the area.

Bearing all this in mind AFP presents itself as a “proposal” and also as a “response”, as an active protagonist to create policies and strategies of intervention necessary to increase the value of our territory


The fast and deep transformation of the society we live in and therefore the needs of education, guidance and work require an on-going evolution and updating of instruments, ideas, methodologies capable of meeting more and more dynamic and advanced educational needs. In order to meet these needs at best, AFP works with an idea in mind which is a continuous improvement of the service it provides. With this in mind AFP is always on the look out for teaching and training innovation, it constantly works to redefine didactic goals and contents, elaborate and experiment new methodologies, models and instruments looking for innovative technical solutions, integrating cultural knowledge and technological specialization. Moreover, it promotes an on-going updating of staff for the development and growth of competences, it encourages flexibility regarded as ability to make use of all kinds of innovation opening up to external input as a way to improve the way we work. This is what AFP believes in and proposes to all the people it employs and to all the people who work for AFP; all that is to ensure it provides a high quality service, coherent educational and training courses and programmes with aims in line with creation of value for the local system