AFP - azienda di formazione professionale

AFP - Educational and training programme



For each and every course we use both traditional and innovative teaching methods depending on and taking into account the people attending courses and their needs.

We favour methods that enhance active learning that create the highest possible involvement and motivation for learners and with this we mean cross-curricular teaching, teaching divided in projects and modules, inductive methods and experiential learning.

With these teaching methods the learner plays an active role in the learning process.

The on-going updating of our teachers and tutors guarantees a high standard in all our courses.

Specific for each and every course, moreover, is the technology used and that learners have access to.


Educational planning

Planning of all educational and training provided is created starting from a professional profile or formative goals which put into practice the expected outcome, as to say the skills, abilities and competence acquired.

The professional profile or the formative goals all our courses refer to is identified in connection with real employability opportunities or follows a demand for education and training of specific professionals as expressed and requested by local companies..


The training which aims to reach specific comptetences and abilities by learners either for professional profile or formative goals is designed taking into account the inner and personal characteristics of the learner.

The skills acquired by training can be divided in three different typologies:


Basic competences, basic knowledge needed to be employed and professional growth;


Competences concerning citizenship, competences all people need in the work place, active citizenship, social inclusion and employment concerning all areas, as examples:

  • increase cognitive activities of people;

  • be aware of personal strengths

  • consolidate abilities to socialize, create relationships and control emotions;

  • enhance motivation and personal development and growth.


Technical and specific competences,, relating to each job and course;



Services concerning education and training for work provided by AFP have a wide range of recipients



Courses for young people in compulsory school


Three year courses of Istruzione e Formazione Professionale Regionale (Regional Education and Professional Training) are an opportunity to finish compulsory school (L. 296 del 27/12/2006, art.1 comma 622) and get a professional diploma of three year attendance in the school and valid throughout the country.


AFP provides:


  • Three year courses to get a Professional Qualification, for people who want to start work at a young age;

  • Four year courses to get a Professional Diploma, for people who want to carry on with their studies in the regional scheme after getting the three year qualification.

Some courses include alternation of school and work, as defined by Legislative Decree 77/2005. This method provides for the articulation of the courses in both classroom training periods and learning periods through work experience, designed and implemented on the basis of agreements with companies.
The periods of learning through work experience are an integral part of the personalised training courses, aimed at achieving the educational, cultural and professional profile of the course and the general and specific learning objectives established at national and regional level.
Therefore, learning via work experience is offered which, unlike an apprenticeship, does not constitute an employment relationship.
The company takes on a leading training role and the training course is carried out in collaboration with the companies, within a unitary project that has the objective of providing the basic and professionalising skills of a qualification or professional diploma.


The historical and specific characteristics of AFP can be summarized as follows concerning organization and methodology:

  • strong mutual connection with the local productive system

  • an eye on methodology of the educational and training success

  • use of active teaching methods aiming at the creation of the highest possible involvement and motivation of learners: active interdisciplinary teaching methods based on projects, inductive methodologies, experiential learning,…

  • forte strong training and educational value given to the technical and operative aspect of the teaching-learning process largely due the a wide use of practical experiments and of new technologies both in the labs in the Centers and when doing the stage in companies.

  • Attention to educational and guidance dimensions also bearing in mind the need to recover people from disadvantage backgrounds both concerning their role in society, their work history and problems in school.



The Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation with the Education and Training sector provides an important contribution to raise the quality of schools and training agencies, in terms of innovative training, throughout the province of Cuneo.

Through the publication of specific calls, the CRC Foundation supports projects in the field of innovation both in terms of processes and methodologies and the preparation of physical spaces dedicated to teaching.

Over the years, the CRC Foundation has enhanced numerous projects proposed by the AFP, recognising their educational value and the impact on the territory in which it operates through its area network.

This is our project financed by the CRC in the academic year 22/23:

- "Inside" the outside ("Dentro" il fuori)

These are our projects financed by the CRC in the academic year 21/22:

- Sportingly ... Actively (SportivaMente...AttivaMente)

- BEN.VE.NU.T.I: VEHICLE WELLNESS NEW goals and interests (BENessere VEicolo di NUovi Traguardi e interessi)

These are our projects financed by the CRC in the academic year 20/21:




Courses for young people looking for employment


The on-going and constant evolution of the world of work makes it necessary for young people looking for work to acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities in line with new technology, new systems of organization and productivity.

The courses provided strongly focus on and keep in mind the need to create skills and abilities to be used in the work place, therefore, they alternate theoretical and practical activities with the practical ones being predominant.


AFP provides:

  • Post qualification course

  • Post diploma courses

For people aged 18-25, with a qualification, a diploma or unemployed.



for unemployed young people and adults.

All courses have a stage period which gives great importance to the practical experience putting together theory with practice in real contexts in companies.

The stage is very important because it represents a first hand experience in a real work place, learners can test their own competences, abilities, skills and interests..

The quality of the training provided during the stage is guaranteed by the tutorial system created by both AFP and the company where the stages take place.


Courses for employed adults


In the complex current world of work it is necessary to constantly keep skills and abilities up to date for what concerns knowledge and use of new and different tools, machines, instruments and organizational processes in order to master and not be behind and unable to work with all the different innovations in the productive system.


The courses provided by AFP and designed for employed people can be divided in the following typologies:


  • On-going education and training from personal will: these are short courses to get updates, revise knowledge and competences employed people can have access to autonomously using vouchers provided by Regione Piemonte;

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  • Training courses to get a qualification designed for employed people who do not have a qualification, a diploma nor any other certificate of secondary schools, these courses are designed to increase the level of competences of the people attending these courses;

  • Professional courses to keep up to date knowledge, skills and abilities designed for people employed by private companies or public/state agencies activated by request of companies and agencies making use of public or private funding or inter-professional funding;

  • Training courses aimed at getting a specialization, professional qualification or licence connected to a specific job.


Courses for un-employed adults


The courses delivered by AFP and designed for unemployed people can be divided as follows:

  • Courses for unemployed immigrants with as a main goal professional growth to be immediately used in the world of work;

  • Training courses to obtain a qualification aimed at unemployed people who have neither a professional qualification, nor a diploma or other high school qualification, with the objective of raising the level of competence of the participants.


Courses for apprentices


AFP is present in the Catalogue of the public training offer for apprenticeships and provides compulsory training courses for young people hired with a professionalising apprenticeship contract, using a team of qualified trainers and professionals in the sector.
The courses are financed with public resources deriving from the endowment of the POR FSE Piemonte 2014/2020 (Measuring training activity in a professionalising apprenticeship).
The objective of the measure is to provide a public training offer that allows companies to acquire the basic and transversal skills of their apprentices hired pursuant to art. 44 of Legislative Decree no. 81 of 15 May 2015, with a professionalising apprenticeship contract, lasting at least 12 months. The duration of basic and transversal training is regulated at regional level and differs in relation to the level of schooling of apprentices.

To find out more, click here on the Piedmont Region website https://www.regione.piemonte.it/web/temi/istruzione-formazione-lavoro/formazione-professionale/apprendistato

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Courses for companies

AFP provides training plans via Fondimpresa, one of the most important inter-professional funds that finances the training of workers in the member companies. It is an efficient and innovative system, with free membership, which promotes continuous training. By choosing to join Fondimpresa, each company becomes the protagonist of its training by participating directly in the choices and management of the activities.
AFP also organises courses designed to meet the professional and training needs of workers based on the requirements of companies, to prepare them to enter the working world or to update their sector skills.
AFP offers companies its support in the analysis, design and implementation of training interventions aimed at their employees, in order to increase and innovate the skills required by the labour market in which they operate.

Support for the professional training system for recovery from the Coronavirus emergency

The AFP is co-financed by the POR FSE 2014/2020 - Call: "Support for the vocational training system for recovery from the Coronavirus emergency".